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Welcome to

  Sharing feelings and thoughts about the transplant process is what we are all about. We have
many people who have been through different types of transplants and who want to share with
each other what it is like to live a new life after suffering for so long with a diseased organ. 

   We will also encourage you and prepare you for your new future while you are undergoing the
transplant process. Presently while is undergoing a "face-lift", we
encourage you to write to others while leaving a message at The Transplant Sharing  Exchange

  We have several other sites that may be of interest to you on this site. "Minimizing Stressful
Times", "Hour Fitness Magazine"and "What is your favorite Transplant Site" to name a few.

   I have added a "Chat Room" for those of us who like talking live. Please look for our Chat
Room Times. After leaving a new message on a Message Board, someone will answer each
day.   Please share your story with us.   You can make a difference.   After viewing this site,
please send your suggestions to me at

The Transplant Sharing Exchange
What is your Favorite Transplant Site?
The Donor Family Forum
Minimizing Stressful Times
Hour Fitness Magazine