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To Max From Dada With Love
Max's Angel AwardWhen your mommy was pregnant and you were on your way to us, we were a family that was about to grow from three to four and I didn't know how or where we were going to live. I didn't know if you were going to come to us as a baby-boy or as a baby-girl, but I couldn't wait for you to be born... As soon as you arrived. I couldn't wait to see you eat and sleep as your mother held you in her arms... I couldn't wait to see you look up at me and smile or cry, because everything you did filled me with joy... I couldn't wait to see you laugh, walk, run or play with your sister. She too rejoiced in your life. I couldn't wait to see you grow, to see you open your eyes to the World and be amazed by it's beauty and wonder. I couldn't wait to hear the sound of your sweet, little voice, to hear you say "Momma" or "Dada". I couldn't wait for the day you would go off to school, spend the night at a friend's house and learn to play football. I couldn't wait to hear you ask me about the world or about my life. I couldn't wait to see you live and find your own path, to see you deal with sadness and sorrow or find kindness, love, happiness and hope... I couldn't wait to be there for you should you need me for support, encouragement or strength. I couldn't wait for the day you would outgrow the world your mother and I had made for you. I couldn't wait to see you become a man, a good man, who loves life, is kind to others and knows how to laugh at himself. I couldn't wait for the day when you and I would not be able to see eye-to-eye and I knew that day would come. I knew that you were going to be a fine person, who could love and be loved, who could help others and someone who could bring joy and happiness wherever you go. I know that your short life had a greater meaning and a higher purpose than I am able to understand. I also know that we must keep our hearts and our minds open always so that we can hear the messages your life is meant to bring. I couldn't wait for you to begin living a life better than my own and I couldn't wait to see you do greater things and be a better man than me, and that is probably your first lesson for me. Your life IS your own, and we are fortunate and should therefore be grateful that we were able to see you, to know you, to hear your laughter and feel the warmth you brought to all our lives. Your life on Earth will continue to bring joy and happiness to all of us. And although, I can't wait to see you again, to hold you and kiss your sweet face and as much as I wish that I could be there to guide you on the other side... I now realize that you do not need my help, you are with God and you have transcended all that I know, all that I am able to understand and all that I can imagine. So that is probably your second lesson for me. I couldn't wait for the time to pass. I was impatient. I had plans and hopes and dreams that were not coming to fruition quickly enough. I was living by a schedule and I was unhappy with the pace at which I was moving. And now, I know that I can be patient, I can wait. In fact, I know that I can be patient and thoughtful. And I can take time to enjoy the sweet smell of wet grass in the morning and the brilliant colors of a sunrise. That is your third lesson for me. And, although it is very difficult to imagine right now, I know that someday I will see you again and, in the mean-time, I will watch your sister grow into a lady. And although it's difficult, I will try to laugh at everything the way you did and I will patiently wait to see your beautiful smile. Thank you Max for the many gifts your life has brought to us... I love you Max, I will always love and remember you.

You are my beautiful Baby-boy and I am your Dada.

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This page is dedicated to Max by the Loving Mother of Chuck
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